Can a Flight show as cancelled but the aircraft still change airport?

I would like to understand more about the Flight cancelled flag. The documentation states

Flag indicating that the flight is no longer being tracked by FlightAware. There are a number of reasons this could happen including cancellation by the airline, but that will not always be the case.

I would like to know those reasons, and what a cancelled value of true means for understanding whether or not the aircraft left the origin airport and/or reached its destination. Are there additional API resources, other than the Flight itself, which reveal anything else about the cancellation reason?

It’s uncommon, but it’s possible for a flight to first receive a cancellation notice by us from the operating airline, and then the flight actually gets operated anyways (or the flightplan is re-filed with similar enough times that we match it up with the pre-existing flight).

Sometimes a flight is erroneously tracked twice due to receiving differing data (usually different idents) from different upstream providers. Ultimately when both “flights” depart and are simultaneously enroute we can sometimes detect this condition and know they must be the same aircraft, so one of the two flights will get “cancelled” by us in air.

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