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Callsign field data loss

I’d like to ask you if the same thing happened to someone and if you have any suggestions: i have a couple of PI (2 sites) that merge their data via ModeSMixer2 and I use Basestation to see tracks,
Everything works fine, but I noticed that at least 10% of the tracks doesn’t show callsigns into the field “callsign”. but at the same time on Piaware skyaware callsigns are present. I tried to find a common trait of tracks on BS that do not show callsign and would seem (but not 100% of the cases) that are mlat tracks of traffics that have adsb 2.0 trasponders. Does anyone knows how to solve?
Thanks in advance

The Basestation output is very limited and close to being unsupported; if you can, try software that supports handling the raw Beast-format messages.

Thanks, any suggestion about another software to try? I wish to use a software with a map looks like a radar scope.

You could try VirtualRadarServer which gives you a map, can combine several streams and understands several data formats.

It is a .NET system, but excecutable on Linux using Mono. I have one instance installed on a Raspi and another one on a server outside.