Call Sign changes


The University that I attend just got an ICAO approved call sign and I was wondering how often FlightAware makes changes to their list of companies and call sign identifiers, mainly to see how long it would be until we were added to that list (So we can search by “Airline Name” and Flight number). The call sign went into affect on April 29. 2008. Here is our info:

University of Central Missouri
Call Sign: Mule Flight
Identifier: UCM



I had the code added so the website will recognize it within 24 hours, but we’ve never seen the code used. This may be due to the nature of the flights (local training flights) or the code has not been included in our feed from the FAA. In the latter case, a representative from the university would need to contact us to put in the request to have the school’s flights included in the ASDI feed.