C6-NLH Cessna 402C Acklins Blue Charters crash Nassau


Sad, owner and Chief Pilot Nelson Hanna along with his 7 passengers were fatally injured in the crash of Cessna 402C C6-NLH on departure from Nassau yesterday.

Aircraft reportedly had an in flight engine fire, and plummeted into Lake Killarney - on the East side of Nassau’s Lynden Pindling International Airport. Aircraft broke up on impact.

Hanna founded the charter company in 1994 Acklins Blue Companies Charter (ABC Charters).





From the news article below; Initial investigations show the aircraft operated by Captain Hanna was operating as an unauthorised charter flight.

Flight Standards Inspectorate manager Hubert Adderley showed a safety document from the plane advertising it as Acklins Blue air charter company, which, he said, is not a certified commercial charter company and therefore appears to have been in violation of important passenger safety regulations.

Civil Aviation officials confirmed the original flight plan filed by Captain Hanna stated there was only one person on board and changes were not made before takeoff.


Some confusion over the registration, FAA lists it as C6-NLM? which is at present an unknown reg?, and press report it as C6-NLH.

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