C182 down near CAE


A C182 went down late last night just west of Columbia SC. Weather conditions were definitely IFR but there is no word on what happened yet. I believe it was N55YS. It took rescue workers until daylight to find the wreckage.

According to flightaware it was scheduled to go into CUB but it looks like it went down somewhere near CAE.


Here is the link to a local news video regarding the crash.


The track appears to show he turned left directly over KCUB. Missed approach procedures call for a climbout to 1,200 feet and THEN a climbing left turn to 2,000 feet. If he was trying to do a missed approach, he was doing it ugly! Track log shows a climb to 2,100 feet, and then the last track point shows a descent to 1,300 feet.

No long swath of wreckage shown in the video, so it looks like a spin or nose dive. It looks pretty badly broken-up. I wouldn’t think he stalled it just above the trees (but I could be wrong about that). This’ll be an interesting one to follow.


Does anyone have any new information about this crash?


ntsb.gov/ntsb/brief.asp?ev_id=20 … 0040&key=1


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