C-172 Model Differences


I probably should know the answer to this, but I’m trying to figure out the differences between the different models of the skyhawk. I’ve flown a couple of them and have the manuals for a couple, and want to know if their interchangeable. What’s the difference in the performance between the P, M, R and N?



Wikipedia explains all.


Maybe I am missing the obviouls, but have you compared on the couple of manuals you have already? That probably will answer your question?

The “right answer” naturally is the POH issued for the plane you are to fly is the official source for operating that particular plane.

Magnetoz already gave you a great reference for the general differences between the Cessna models.



Besides the information at wikipedia describing the different engines in the different models, it is important to note that the M model is miles per hour, not knots.


That’s important when operating within 15% of the stall speed. :stuck_out_tongue: