C-17 at PHX


I went to sky harbor today (3/21/13) and there was a C-17 parked on the FedEx ramp. Does anyone know when it leaves? I would love to know!


It could be 08-8200 or 99-0166 if it flew in today.


I’ve been waiting to see that one :mrgreen:


McDonnell Douglas did offer the C-17 as a commercial freighter at one time. Boeing, after purchasing McDonnell Douglas, also offered it commercially. The model number would have been MD-17 and BC-17 respectively.


That’s awesome!!!


Is that for AF one? Is Air Force one in town?


The plane used as Air Force One (92-9000) isn’t in the United States at this time.
99-0004 C-32A ICAO: B752 as FlightID: Sam44 / S44 Went with the above aircraft for the trip.
09-0525 C-37B ICAO: GLF5 With the above trip.

Obama is in the Mideast at this time.
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Also whitehouse.gov/schedule


While we’re at it, do you know when AF one will be n phx next?


Not for PHX :frowning: Check for TFR’s for the PHX area for any hints… tfr.faa.gov/tfr2/list.html
but for Southern California I would get the Mode-S alert for it.


Thanks for the info!