BW 426-429. Is this Correct?


Why is this flight tracker so old? I tried tracking every BWIA flight and the tracking is old. HELP!!! :confused:


would you provide a link to the flight history, would help others help you.


Check out the Airlines web page. They don’t use those flight numbers.


They usually do. did you visit


Go to the flight info page and type in flight numbers in the " by flight number " box, zero matches.

I typed in 424, 425 as a flight numbers, 6 matches.


Perhaps when they changed their name to Caribbean, they no longer used the BWA code?


They still carry the code BW or BWA.


Were they codeshare flight numbers?

That’s really odd.


Yes they share the same # for one reason:=, :smiley: Caribbean Airlines was BWIA West Indies Airways Ltd.