buying a matrix


a friend of mine is buying a new matrix from a local dealer. I know that these prices are fairly negotiable based on what the market will bear etc. Anyone with experience please chime in. In the present market-What is a reasonable markdown from listed price? 5-15% ?

please advise


-20% from available inventory.


20% ? This airplane is not yet in existence so it couldn’t be considered available inventory. Scheduled delivery date is December. Still 20% ?


I’m pretty sure somewhere across the country you can find a Matirix that’s currently available for delivery. In fact I’m sure I just saw one on


I saw those(there were two in Des Moines via Chicago Piper), I spoke with the salesman this morning, they’ve been sold. Piper is not having trouble selling these airplanes. Not looking good for our side of the negotiation table.


Don’t you mean your friend? Things are not looking good for your friend’s side of the table. :stuck_out_tongue:


They haven’t even come out yet…so I except very little in negotabile prices. Of course, I don’t know how Piper operates yet with the economy the way it is…piston sales are down big over last year.



he’s buyin it. I’ll be flyin it. therefore we sit on the same side of the table