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Busiest airport in New England?

If you said Logan Airport in Boston, you would be right. But then who is second? Well, these days it would be Nantucket Island, MA (KACK). It’s amazing… All day long there are at least a dozen active flights in and out that have flight plans and even more VFR flights. Watch FlightAware for a while and you will see that this little class D airport is working more flights than any two of the half-dozen class C airports in New England combined. But there is a small caveat… This is daytime hours only; the powers that be would never allow their beauty sleep to be disturbed. But this only lasts for the months of July and August while all the touristas are in town. After Labor Day they roll the sidewalks back in and become more like a class D again. Best way to see the action is at https://flightaware.com/live/airport_status_bigmap.rvt?airport=KACK

Similar situation here during the Covid-19 traffic reducement. At this time Luxembourg airport raised up to one of the busiest airports with lots of Cargo