Bundled procedures out of date

I note that the IFR bundled procedure files still show an expiration of November 19, whereas individual plates and files are up to date (December 17). Are the bundled files automatically generated from the individual files, or what? Usually they are all up to date on the exact day that things change, but this month and last month, the bundles have been behind.

You can also download them from the FAA, also for free.

Here at FA you get what you pay for.


Flyboy, your URL is incorrect.
The current link is naco.faa.gov/digital_tpp.asp … 11-19-2009 and it shows charts expiring 19 Nov 09. If you bookmarked the site then un-bookmark. Why? Because the site itself says so:

Do not Bookmark this page. It will expire when the airspace cycle ends.

Bookmark this instead: naco.faa.gov/index.asp?xml=naco/online/d_tpp

It looks like the FAA hasn’t updated the charts either so please do not say “at FA you get what you pay for” because it appears that FlightAware does have the most up-to-date charts.

I’ll check with the person responsible for updating the charts and bundles.

We receive the charts in advance (via snailmail no less) of general availability.

I copied it from an old employer website. I use Jepps online service.

Didn’t read the page, just pointing the dude in the right direction.
So my bad.

Money to burn? :stuck_out_tongue:

I use a freeware program called aviator trip pack (first link in Google).

Compiles and download your ENTIRE trip from the FAA based on course width corridor you determine (I use 50 NM) where you can filter out (or select the airports you want) types of approaches. After setting parameters, the program will compile it into a “trip pack” that prints nicely into kneeboard size print.

For me, all approaches for departure and destination and then I print all enroute ILS approaches. Haven’t bought an approach chart book since the advent of this program.

Money to burn? Razz

I didn’t pay for it, I just have a password! 8)