Bulk download of plane pictures for use with VRS

Any info on where pictures can be downloaded for use with Virtual Radar Server? All for personal use only, on my non-internet accessible PC.

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Shoot me an email and I can share with you my collection. I have Side profiles some colored, some B&W, Flags for alot of operators.

Here is my VRS

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Thank you for replying. To clarify, I meant aircraft pictures. I have silhouettes (side profiles) and logos (operator flags).

I’m fairly new here. I don’t see a way to send a private message through the system. Is it possible?

Thanks again.

It is, but My aircraft photos just show up (in details) which are loaded from a website. I do not have any soted locally on the server itself beyond the silhouettes and logos.

OK, thanks.

This is what I have currently (loaded from a website).