BUG: Wrong date displayed in email alerts


My Location: English (Australia)
Time Zone: AEST (+10) – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I create an alert for flight TGW63 via the website. I selected 2/Jan/2013. But when I received the email alert, it says 3/Jan/2013.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: support@flightaware.com
Date: 1 January 2013 20:08
Subject: FlightAware Flight Alert for TGW63

Hello from FlightAware.

A FlightAware flight alert was setup for you by denverp. You will be notified by email of the status of this flight:

Flight: Registration/Tail # TGW63
Date: Thursday, 3 January 2013
You don’t need to do anything to receive these alerts, but you should save this email for future use. If you’d like to edit or disable the flight alert, click here.