[BUG] Validation error removing iPad alert


I attempted to remove an iPad alert from the website earlier today and found that I could not.

The combo box is being validated like you have the iOS check box enabled, but it is not. This keeps you from saving the form.

He’s a screenshot of the progression

Here’s how I started. The alert here is selected and there is a type of alert selection in the combo box "Meeting the flight"

In this shot I have unchecked the iOS check box. This automatically selected the top option in the combo box for that alert.
The box though is outlined in red, meaning a validation error.

This last screen I took right after I clicked save. It states that something in the combo box must be selected. It does not save.
Because of this you are unable to remove the alert from the website.

I was able to use the iPad to remove the alert though, so it seems that this bug is restricted to the website. I tried submitting the bug via email but all I got was a response back that there was not an iPad alert on my account…

I have replicated this bug in FireFox and IE.


Thanks for the bug report, we will look into it and respond once fixed


This issue has been resolved.