Bug: No Reports for KSTS (Sonoma County, California)


Here, about 5 miles SE of Schultz-Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa (KSTS), our house shakes from the noise of aircraft only a couple of thousand feet overhead departing and landing throughout the day.

But when we check here at FlightAware to see who is above us, the screen is completely blank for miles around STS. This isn’t about the routine 5 minute delay–the display is empty sometimes for 20 or 30 miles around the airport.

Something just as strange happens overnight. Around 3 AM the house shakes again from the rumble of heavy 747s climbing out above our heads. I’ve actually gone out on the patio at that hour and looked up. We know from our own travel experience that many of these middle-of-the-night flights are departing San Francisco International for nonstop destinations in Asia like Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Usually they will appear on the KSFO display. However, key in KSTS and with “nearby airports” and “vicinity” checkboxes checked, still nothing appears on the KSTS display.

Traffic above has greatly increased in the last few months, due in part to many new flights added by Horizon Air. Can anybody help us?


What screen are you looking at? I see plenty of traffic at STS.



What operating system are you running and what web browser?

I can’t replicate your problem under WIN7 in Firefox4, IE8 or Chrome8.


If your house is shaking from aircraft that departed an airport 66 miles away I’d think about moving into something a bit more substantial. Possibly some of them are heavy transports from Travis AFB? KSUU is only 51 miles away.


JHEM, thanks for your post. Using Safari Version 5.0.3 build 6533.19.4 for Mac OS X Version 10.6.5 Snow Leopard, build 10H574.


Thanks porterjet for your post. Good point. I should have been more clear; in the middle of the night the house doesn’t shake but there are rumbles from overhead that are definitely audible inside.


Thanks davysims for your post. Both these screens seem to give the same results:


flightaware.com/live/airport_sta … rport=KSTS


If you don’t see any overflights, you need to zoom in. We have to limit the zoom levels where overflights are shown due to browser performance issues.

If zooming in all the way doesn’t show any overflights, please paste the contents of flightaware.com/fix (minus your session id!).