Bug: FlightXML2 / FlightXML3 - Condor Flight Numbers

Looks like there might be an issue with your system with Condor flight numbers between the US and Europe.

Each of these is the same flight, but, is showing up with push notifications on FlightXML2 and AirportBoard on FlightXML3 twice, once as CFGx and again as CFG20x.

  • CFG11/2011 (MSP-FRA)
  • CFG13/2013 (MSP-FRA)
  • CFG29/2029 (SEA-FRA)
  • CFG33/2033 (SEA-FRA)
  • CFG37/2037 (SEA-MUC)

Yes it looks like the flight data we receive has the schedules under the 20xx flight id, but they’re being flown without that preceding 20. I’ve filed a bug for us to look at a fix for that. Thanks.