BTV flight


Piedmont Airlines

I just saw this flight pass by my house, so i came on here because i live 20 miles from the airport at the house i’m at now. This flight came from Canada and there a NO commercial flights from BTV to Canada. So if anyone has info on this flight or what it might be doing or if its caring people or not please tell me. Thanks


Look at the rest of the flights for PDT9330. You’ll see that the flights are between different airports. Also look at the flight number itself. In most cases, flights in the 9000 series for USA (the country, not the airline) are either charters or positioning (ferry) flights.

It may have also stopped at BTV to clear customs and then continue on to another destination. There’s a PDT9332 leaving BTZ for MDT at 19:32, about 50-60 minutes after the arrival.


Probably a charter, ferry, or maintenance test flight.


Oh ok thanks, because i saw it and said to myself “thats not right.” makes sence now.