Browse by aircraft type. Missing Airbus A380

When I do a browse by aircraft type and select A388, I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that flight DLH440 (Frankfort to Houston) is missing. But when I use the flight tracker it shows up. Could someone please correct this?


About what time were you looking at this? only lists flights that are currently in the air, and right now it’s listing DLH440. It is a ways down the list though, since the list is sorted by departure time and DLH440 has been in the air for almost six hours.

No earlier than 10:00 a.m. CST. Most clear days I check around 11:00, because if it does fly over my home it would be around 11:30. So I check earlier to see the flight plan.
BTW, when I check for A388 flights, I use the map. That’s where it doesn’t show up. But when I search for the flight it does show up on the map. I like to see if any a380s are flying over the upper midwest.
I see now flight DLH440 is near the Cape Cod area.

This was today at 10:45 am. The picture doesn’t show Houston. It did a half-hour later though.

I then search for the flight.

But when I went back to browse by aircraft type I didn’t see DLH440 over Canada. Usually I would see over Canada but not in the last few weeks.