Broncos charter home


Does anyone have flight numbers for their flights home?
I know there should be at least 1x 764 and 1x 747.

Would be really appreciated!! :laughing:


Should be their regular number of 1825, the 747 was 1826 coming over.

And they normally leave tomorrow.


Ok just checked on

The 764 is leaving as UAL1826 at 8:00am, assuming this will be the office people and other staff

The 744 is leaving as UAL1825 at Noon, assuming this will be the team flight


Thank you very much! I will be out at DEN Monday to see the 747. :slight_smile:


EWR is having major weather issues today so may want to sign up for an alert for when these depart from KEWR.


There is an additional Broncos associated flight UAL1827 that is a Boeing 767 that is ET Wheels down at KDEN just before noon.