British Airways world cargo bug

On this flight some flights are still being recorded as flown on a 747-400. That is not even possible considering that the operator, Global Supply Systems, has returned all of their 747-400s and replaced them with 747-800s. please fix this bug!

The bug is NOT with FlightAware. The flight was filed as a 747-400.

The British aircraft registry still shows a 747-400 (G-GSSC) still registered to Global. The 747-8’s registered to them are G-GSSD/E/F.

G-GSSC has been returned to Atlas Air and is no longer in the gss fleet. Here is one of many sources. … tatus.html

AGAIN - the problem is not at FlightAware’s end. FlightAware is simply displaying the information it is given.

If you want it fixed, contact Global Supply Systems or the FAA! On second thought, DON’T! They have much bigger things to worry about. :unamused:

You’re source states (emphasis mine):

Maintainance check and re-reg as N476GT in** Feb.** Back to Atlas Air thereafter.

The flights shown operated by a 744 are in JANUARY.

I looked up N476GT in the FAA registry. The number is neither assigned or reserved. The source you quoted may be in error.

This should be fixed in a day or so for flights going forward, the problem was an ambiguous code from BA’s FLIFO system.

I understand, I just find it hard to believe though. In this case, it is not too far of a stretch to assume that the flight may have been incorrectly labeled as a 747-400 instead of a 747-8, but there are many other similar errors on this site that I doubt were the airlines fault. For example, I have recently seen some other flights that were not even similar equipment, like a 777 flight being marked as a 747 or a 757 flight being marked as a 767. I personally don’t care about this issue that much, as I know what the flights really are, but I thought I would bring it to the attention of the FA staff.

This data error has been going on since late November. Many of the flights since then have been on 747-8 equipment. Look at the flight for January 8, it is listed as 744. Here is a pic of it arriving as a 747-8. … e67f38783d

Ok, great!

Wow my records show it still part of GSS. Oh well. Updates are slow I guess.