British Airways 777-300ER at KDEN


The flight last night had an engine failure and never left the ground, tonight they brought in a 777-300ER, G-STBB. Tomorrow the Antonov AN-124 will arrive at KDEN with a new engine for G-YMMC. Pretty sure this is the first time for a -300 at KDEN … /EGLL/KDEN was the -300ER, but not shown as such … /KDEN/EGLL properly listed as -300ER


Yup, which runway will the A124 take off at?


Engine arrival to KDEN




Hard to say which way it will depart, don’t know where it is going or what the winds will be at that time.


Here it is going to PHNL: Anyone know why?


Ferry flight back after new engine install. … /KDEN/EGLL