Breast-Feeding Mother Smothers Baby on UAL Flight

LONDON - A breast-feeding mother accidentally smothered her four-week old child aboard a United Airlines flight from Washington, D.C., to Kuwait, a British tabloid reported Tuesday.

Tragic Story Here

One thing that may have been a contributing factor is the taboo on women breastfeeding children in public. The poor mother probably felt forced to hide her baby under a blanket while breastfeeding her rather than being able to feed her without covering her (the baby) up.

I think it’s a shame that society as a whole thinks it’s wrong for a mother to expose her breast in order to fee her child. This is wrong. There is nothing erotic or sexual about a mother breastfeeding Rather, I think it’s a great way for a mother and child to bond and for the child to get the nutrients needs to grow up healthy.

Now for those out there who are too immature to understand this, please don’t post your sophomoric responses here.

That is very sad… :cry: But who can be stupid enough to fall asleep. :unamused:

This was an Egyptian woman so maybe taboo wasn’t the issue, rather she just fell asleep, as many women do, while the child fed. Most likely pulling her snugly to the breast, cutting off her air. Very sad to lose a child at any age, but a helpless 4 week old baby is tragic.

Damiross, several points before I break out the sophomoric response out of my back pocket…but in reading the article, Twice I might add, the only contributing factor seen hear is…in my view as a father of three boys that loved to suck on thier mothers’ nipple, was that the dumb ass, irresponsible bitch passed out and let her baby drop to position where it couldnt breathe. And what society EXACTLY are you implying that feels it wrong for a mother to expose her breasts to feed? The US? European? Asian? I’m extremely curious? As the only one I see bringing the attention to the issue is you. So please feel free to educate me. I’m 50 now, I’m never too old to learn something new.

Oh Damn…forgot the sophomoric response…I’ll leave it to the OPs…they usually come up with better crap than I do. And funnier.

Judge not lest ye be judged, Will.

There but for the grace of God go I.

I’ll let your wife answer that one for you during one of the 3AM or 4AM feedings when you get married and have a kid…prepare to get “knocked the f*** out!”

ok…you got me there…been a few years. I retract “the dumbass bitch irresponsible” part back. But there is no taboo or society issues here. As Damiross pointed out.

Agree. Wife “flopped one out” in line for Jungle Cruise at Disneyland (granted, she did cover herself because we were at D-land) to feed our son and not a single person said anything. In fact, a few women told her they were proud of her for doing it.

See my response to Will.

Breast feeding has always been taboo in the US. My wife breast fed my children and MANY times faced scornful looks from passers-by (no breast was exposed). Thankfully she knows how to defend herself and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Nudity in general is taboo. Take TV for example, you’ll never see nudity on American TV (full frontal or even breast), but we have no problem showing violent acts and the aftermath to a point that we have been desensitized to it.

I don’t ever wanna get desensitized to boobies! :smiley:

I wont disagree. :exclamation:

By who???

Your wife genius…

What I am talking is society in general and USA society specifically.

How many times have you seen woman breastfeeding in public without covering herself? Not very often, right? Why? Because society frowns on it. The general society thinks of the human body as something to be hidden. The only time it is to be exposed is when sex is involved. That, to me as a nudist, is just plain wrong. The human body is something beautiful, regardless of what shape it may be in.

Yet society, at least American society, doesn’t tolerate non-sexual nudity. As mentioned elsewhere in this forum, it’s okay to blow up entire countries and maim and kill people on television yet the second a “private” part of the body is exposed all hell breaks loose.

Again, I don’t think a woman should be forced to hide or cover herself when breastfeeding.

So, as one 3 years older than you, Beechluvr, I hope this clears up what I’m trying to say.

I’ll let your wife answer that one for you during one of the 3AM or 4AM feedings when you get married and have a kid…prepare to get “knocked the f*** out!”

By who???

Your wife genius…


So the wife falls asleep and the husband is to blame… well I guess this is like comparing a 5.56 with a 30mm, but with a mom and a sister, I guess that’s how it works… Ya get blamed for something ya never do… :unamused:???


Clear as fine crystal. Thank you. I agree in your point as I have been overseas and see the differences.

Kiss a teat = XXX

Cut a teat off with a machete = PG13

There’s nothing wrong with maintaining a bit of decorum while breastfeeding and doing so under moderate cover in public, nudity isn’t a requirement for nursing.

The prurient few who view breastfeeding as bad and something that needs to be banned in any and all public areas have deep-seated problems that need to be addressed elsewhere.

I do find it distasteful when some women feel the need to maintain that special nursing bond beyond what most would consider a suitable age. I once had dinner out with a couple and the wife insisted on bringing their four year old along. I found out the hard way the reason she brought him was because she was still nursing and she proceeded to do so at our table!

I have never witnessed but have heard of situations like that. As outspoken as I am, known to certain circles of family members as a “dickhead”…I would emphatically say something concerning parenting skills and child development skills. Breast feeding past 3 months is way to far. But thats my opinion. Some will disagree. I’m sure. But relative to the topic at hand…this woman fell asleep. And the baby suffocated under possibly blankets or her own body. In itself its a shame…which raises questions…who was sitting beside her? Did someone not see the baby turning blue? what was the elapsed time from discovery? Again…a shame.

That isn’t his point, Will.

His point is that your to-be wife has to be awake at any point of the day or night when your to-be child is hungry. They wake up at any time, whether it be 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning, despite your wife feeding them at midnight, 8pm, 6pm, or what have you. Their nights become severely limited, as does their sleep. So can you blame a mother for falling asleep when their sleep cycle is severely disrupted from birth till they sleep through the night.

So no, it isn’t the husband’s fault, but you’d have to give up some of your sleep to help her out… or would you love to be beaten by your to-be wife for being selfish enough to not want to help out with your child?