BREAKING NEWS - F22 Crashes near Edwards AFB

CNN is reporting on the crash of an F22 approx 25 mile NE of Edwards AFB

CNN claims this is the first ever crash of an F22

No word on the condition of the pilot.

It went down on a dry lake bed near Barstow.

This is gearing up to be a bad year for aviation. Both military and civilian.

KABC is broadcasting a “live stream” of the crash area

Seriously…when it rains…it pours…

Is this the first known crash of a F-22?

I believe it is, I’m checking on it but we need Robbreid to give us the straight skinny, where’s he at?

One crashed at Nellis in late '04.

The pilot for this crash was LMT flight test, not active USAF.

Lockheed Martin Test Pilot David “Cool” Cooley did not survive, and this is the third incident involving the F-22 Raptor program…

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of David Cooley


:cry: :cry: :cry:

Indeed a very sad incident, prayers for the family.

Not cool! Sad. :cry: