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BREAKING NEWS - Dash 8 Crash in Buffalo


Really? The FAA and NTSB are protecting a Canadian company? that really make a lot of sense to me.

Is it possible that the crew just F’ed up?


It’s obvious that it was a conspiracy! :smiley:


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I could have sworn April Fool’s Day had come and gone…


Laugh all you want, but that is not the same as answering the questions raised.


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None of these issues you have raised are out of the ordinary. The ACARS messages, the previous repairs, happen all the time. The eye witness reports, well, the average person is useless as a witness in an aircraft accident. Turbine engines don’t spit, sputter, and all the noises that were reported. The pieces of the engine missing…have you ever been to a crash scene, especially one embedded in what used to be a house? There are always parts that are not recovered. They could have been melted down, trampled over by rescuerers, or perhaps blown clear by secondary explosions after the crash. The props likely shattered when the aircraft hit the ground, while still turning at high speed. Fragments could have been sent blocks away, or buried into the ground, or hidden in the rubble of the house.



So what was Capt. Renslow asking about? The best place to get pizza in Buffalo? I think when the pilot sends a text message to base asking for advise right before a fatal crash, it might be relevant. I wonder why they never released the test of his message.

Except when they are disintegrating.

From the picture of an intact counterweight in the NTSB docs, it looks like these pieces are fairly large and are made of steel. Hence it is unlikely they would have disintegrated or melted into a blob. If they were not recovered on the scene, it implies they were not at the scene of the crash site. In other words, they could have snapped off while the plane was still in the air. And that fact would have changed the course of the entire investigation.

Yes, all the prop blades snapped off at impact. And all were recovered.


You’re not really raising any questions with points of validity. You’ve regurgitated investigative data, but it’s data that had no contributing role to the cause of the accident. The NTSB always gathers enormous amounts of information from these events. Just because it’s documented does not mean that it was contributory to the resultant cause of the event. You’re reaching for something that just isn’t there. This was a tragic case of pilot error…period. And to think that Colgan is getting a “pass” in this is completely incorrect.


Think about it, if it was a coverup, why even include that information in the report. All you have to do is see the data from the data recorder, and the audio from the voice recorder, to realize, the pilots were lax on the their approach, failed to notice the decrease in airspeed, stalled the aircraft, then panicked and failed to recover in time.


Everyone has seen this one coming–Sorry Newbee


Don’t apologize Jason… It’s deserved.

You know that starviego isn’t the first person to come up with this sort of…well, let’s just say…theories. Obviously they’re baseless or it would’ve been revisited long ago.


Awesome!! It’s just what I need!! Thanks!..


I just watched CTVNEWS W5 about pilot fatigue. Apparently one of the pilots was asleep then awoke too tired to properly understand what was happening.