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Breaking New Flair Airlines begins service to Burbank making Burbank an International airport

Today Flair Airlines announced service to Burbank from Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. They all begin on October 31. This is huge Burbank is now an International airport.

Here’s something that people don’t really know. It doesn’t take having an international carrier making flights to an airport for that airport to be an international airport. KBUR already is an international airport because of it being a custom rights landing airport. You either have to be that, or an international port of entry, in which both depend on Customs being able to greet the aircraft at the field.

SBD is an international airport, yet it has no scheduled carrier flights to the airport. So why is it an international airport? The availability of Customs to be able to come over from ONT. For BUR, Customs will drive up from LAX or over from ONT to meet the aircraft. By extension, that also works for VNY.

Basically the availability of customs is what makes an airport an international airport in this case, and because they are already there for any reason (freight/packaging transitioning through the airport) they are already an international airport.


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