bp spotter planes dc3


Just saw commercial for BP oil clean up. Showed 3 DC3 planes and said they were spotting oil. Is this really the best plane for this purpose ?


The DC-3s I’ve seen were actually the Basler turbine conversions, and we being used to spray dispersant on any oil they found. Just think of them as a double sized AgTractor.


The DC3, whether turbine or radial, is a perfect choice for spotting due to their extended flight duration, ability to loiter for long periods of time, low speed cruise ability, onboard observer capacity, adequate lift capability for audio and video equipment, etc., etc.


The Basler DC-3 is a great special mission platform when low speed is plus.


And you can carry almost anything you want with you! That airplane is a BEAST. And a frickin’ hoot to fly. Got to spend a few days in the right seat, definitely the most fun I’ve ever had in an airplane.