Bounced email warning

I’ve just logged in today to find a warning about my email address. Also noticed a drop out on the stat’s page 10-11 am. All very odd - has anyone else had similar random behavior?


Your email server timed out twice when we were trying to deliver email:

: conversation with ] timed out
while receiving the initial server greeting

Thanks. I contacted my host and sent myself several ‘account activation’ emails from here. I didnt get any of them and they checked their logs and have reported:

Our server logs say:
2015-10-29 18:04:29 SMTP connection from []:16743 lost

and this message is repeated for many such lost connections in different times - I assume these are the times you requested. The message is definitely not being delivered - can they check their server logs to see if their server is definitely getting the message out?

I have temporarily switch to my gmail address and the activation email arrived. So I am somewhat confused as to where the failure is.