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I have been looking for a flight from DLH to DTW.
nonstop: $959
connection at MSP: $295
dlh-dtw-lga: $277

Is there a way I can book the NY flight and get off in DTW. This way I dont have to connect at MSP or pay 1000 dollars for a direct flight. This seems to work if I don’t carry on bags but on the way back what would happen if I don’t check in at LGA?


Yes, you can walk away from the plane in DTW, but they’ll cancel your return ticket when you no-show for DTW-LGA. What you’re attempting to do is known as hidden city ticketing and most if not all airlines in the US prohibit it for roundtrip tickets.


Southwest does allow it. Read their contract of carriage available on their web page. However, you cannot check luggage if you do this.


See … ht=bwi+pit for previous discussion on this topic.



Depends on the dates, eg:

1 adult Total: USD 275.80

Flight: Northwest Airlines flight 5827 operated by Northwest Airlink on a Canadair Regional Jet
Depart: Duluth/Superior, MN (DLH)- Thu, Dec 13 6:05am
Arrive: Detroit, MI (DTW) - Thu, Dec 13 9:02am

Flight: Northwest Airlines flight 5812 operated by Northwest Airlink on a Canadair Regional Jet
Depart: Detroit, MI (DTW)- Tue, Dec 18 9:28pm
Arrive: Duluth/Superior, MN (DLH) - Tue, Dec 18 10:30pm


This is like the old Delta Cincinatti thing at CVG. It costs more to fly from CVG-LAX then dayton-cvg-lax. We all know its costs Delta more to bring you from dayton on to cvg and then LAX. Frustrating airline competition. I suppose Delta is nothing compared to NWA when it comes to protecting their strongholds. I bet all those red tails raises the temperature in MN a little.


This is correct, but the airline also knows that most of the PAX to LAX will come through CVG or drive to CVG, so it knows it can charge more. It’s supply and demand. Until everyone is willing to fly out of DAY the airline will continue to price this way. It makes cents :unamused:


True, but the CVG hub is collapsing from under them. DL keeps the price high… people don’t fly out of CVG cause of this so now DL has to raise the price. Then less and less use it and the cycle continues. One of the bases of an airline hub is o & d traffic which accounts for a good chunk of the airlines revenues. Cincinatti is a small metro to begin with. That’s why cities like Fargo or Billings don’t have airlines hubbing their. DL has dropped the fares on some routes but fares are still way above the national average. I think if any hub is in the most jeapordy, it is DL CVG hub.
Peak-day Flights
June 2005 606
June 2007 413
Destinations Served
June 2005 140
June 2007 123


NW is the only major airline to fly to DLH.

If other airlines feel like flying there, they’re welcome to thanks to deregulation, but as of late, there haven’t been any takers.

If you’re going to Oakland or Macomb County, look what flying DLH-FNT would be, it’s a shorter drive than to DTW anyway.