Bombardier's Learjet 85 Flight Deck . . .


Flight Global ‘A look inside Bombardier’s Learjet 85’ Flight Deck.


To quote Paris Hilton “That’s Hot”


Looking good… want to see a shot of the whole thing though…


It looks nice and all, but WHERE are the backup steam gauges when that all goes out someday?


There are no “backup steam gauges”. There is an ESIS unit -electronic standby instrument system- which is an all in one attitude/airspeed/altimeter/directional gyro. On the Lear 85 it’s at the bottom of the center MFD screen, the small square instrument next to the radio tuning unit.


It reminds me of the Falcon 2000 Ez cockpit


very large and very nice for a learjet. :smiley:


My goodness…I think I just soiled myself…