Bombardier Lear NXT

Bombardier recently announced the development of the Lear NXT, an 8 passenger 3,000 mile midsize Lear. It will be a nice fit between the the 45 and 60 (which, IMO has an awkward interior config), giving true 8 passenger capacity with transcontinental range. However, my question is, won’t this be direct competition with the Challenger 300? Why would Bombardier produce two aircraft that seem so similar? … 479-1.html

I refuse to patronize that website. It looks like an ad for Axe body spray.

That is the most narcissistic commerical for an aircraft that I have ever seen & I agree with cfij… :unamused:

Like the ol saying goes - a dick with a man - (sort of out or proportion) - playing on the ego for sure… :blush: :unamused: 8) THUMBS DOWN ON THIS ONE… :arrow_right:

The guy can leap tall buildings in a single bound! He’s obviously SUPERMAN! WTF does he need a bizjet for?
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Whether you like the content or not, it is a successful ad in that it got people thinking about it, got people to spread the word and elicited a reaction.

Hey Stinky Boy, whats wrong with Axe Body Spray?

There it is! I knew there was a callback in there somewhere. Good job!

The point is CA - the word that gets out should be positive not negative… 8)

AND - the only word spread is negative here on FA (except yours of course - the never ending optimist of capitalism) jano whispers to all…

CFIj - I bet he is one of those Millennial(sp) Kids…

Needlenose - you hit it right on the head (ooouch) - advertising is mega dollars & the dude that fabricated this one is all about himself for sure

jano whispers to CA (you didn’t do this commercial did you?!?!? - even if you did I’ll still be your wingman & teach you how to fly with Him) :unamused:

FlightGlobal Germanys Grob Aerospace will design the structure of the Bombardiers new Learjet 85, an eight-passenger super midsize business jet the company first alluded to in October as the NXT.

Bringing back a thread that is over 2 years old, woo hoo! I just heard that they will be making the first 400 of these in a new factory in Mexico. Learjet 85: A New All-Composite Long Range Business Jet - YouTube

The 200,000 square foot factory in Queretaro opened in March 2010 where they are building the Learjet 85 fuselage and wing - then to be shipped to Wichita for final assembly.

The 85 is 40 percent larger then the 60! Bombardier is building two airframes for static and fatigue testing, two prototypes and three pre-production flight test aircraft. Entry into service set for 2013.

the only word spread is negative here on FA (*except yours of course…
*I may be mistaken, but I doubt FA posters are the target audience. :wink:[/quote]