Bombardier Global Express Successor Set For Mid-2010 . . .

Aviation Weekly Story official press releases may come at EBAA 2010 Geneva May 2010.

Cool jet. :wink:

The Bombardier plant is only about two miles from my house, they now have full time security to stop anyone from taking photographs.

They threatened to call Police, for trespassing, unless I erased the photos I took. You can stand on the road, but not even on their parking area, or even a soccer/baseball field.

I was in a park apparently on their land!, and the security truck came over the sidewalk, up and over a hill - looking for someone (me) with a camera.
They look like US Immigration on the Mexican boarder!!!

The guy told me Bombardier is taking all steps they can to prevent anyone from photographing their jets. They are completely paranoid.

I thought of buying a house there, and photographing everything that moves and plastering the internet with it - just for spite!!! Still might . . .

Sure they ain’t got drugs or something in there? :laughing: That is really crazy! :open_mouth:

It sounds like Bombardier’s security is much more effective.

If you were in Downsview Park Rob, their security was blowing smoke up your shorts!

Well there are two of them - in trucks, and just me.

So for every one million illegal’s, you’ll need two million ICE officers.

Next time, call their bluff.

Hell, go right back tomorrow if you’re sure you were in the park.

Question authority!

Google Map this is the baseball diamond beside the taxi way, the little hill is to the right, so I’d stand over there where it takes awhile to notice me!!!

Downsview Parc is the West side of the airport, and on the other side of the train tracks.

When I was a kid, I had a 1970 Cuda, I’d drive into the Military end of the field, bypass the hightech Canadian military, and drive right across the taxiway onto DeHavilland’s ramp - and photograph the Twin Otters on my way out!!! Ah the good old days.

Looking thru parking lot is this view;

the taxiway beside the baseball diamond;

and the North End of the field;

and the runway looking from the baseball diamond;

I’ll get a photo of the Security next time!!!

Bet you wish you still had that '70 Cuda huh?

Post some pics of the Barracuda! :wink:

After watching all the Barrett Jackson auctions, I sure wish I had it.

Yeah, always loved the headlights . . .

Good thing Will’s in bed already!

hehe He said ‘headlights’. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a Cuda in that picture?

:unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

hmm i dont know where there going to be able to stuff 5000lbs of fuel that thing already is crammed to the gills with fuel tanks. The xrs has a longer fwd wing to fuselage fairing because of saddle tanks theres 2 tanks in the hell hole aft of the baggage bay. I guess they could do what emb does to the erj 135 bj and put even larger saddle tanks fwd of the wing and add some more efficient engines. I dont know tho. It would be nice if they added 7-8 feet to the cabin. I have been in a business jet version of a crj 700 which is a CL-870 and its a lot more roomier than a global just doesnt have range.