Bombardier BBA39, interesting flight

Was following this flight today as it took off from KDPA. Departed 2L while I was watching and for some reason decided to keep an eye it. Interesting flight.

Looks like he circled around due to weather.

I thought so too until I saw that it was almost a 2000mile detour. Plus I checked the weather and there wasn’t any.

Which flight are you talking about? To get a specific flight, click on the date. The URL will reflect the permalink for that flight.

1st flight on 27 Aug: … /CYUL/KBTV
2nd flight on 27 Aug: … /KBTV/KDPA
3rd flight on 27 Aug: … /KDPA/CYUL

It’s the 3rd flight, right? It’s probably a test flight.

Could have verry well been a test flight too, or a senic flight.