Boeing and its jets...

Boeing nearing 1000 jets

“Well whoopie doo, ha ha weee, clap paws, squeal with glee, I’m so excited I could just barf” - Garfield

The headline is really misleading because it makes it sound like that’s all Boeing has sold. Its first jet, the 707, sold over a 1,000. Over 1,800 727’s were sold. And the 737? Well, let’s just say Airbus, with all of its aircraft, has a way to go before it sells as many as the 737.

wow you can take order on the 787 already?? :open_mouth: :astonished:

They have racked up about 430 orders on the 787. You too can order one if you can make the down payment on $150million. 10% cash will probably hold your order with balance due on delivery. You will even get your choice of a free Boeing hat or coffee mug.

A couple years ago Boeing was declared down and out. No way could they ever compete with Airbus again. HA!

Boeing, being in the business longer and having American ingenuity, naturally builds much better aircraft than Airbus. My personal opinion so it’s neither right nor not-right.