BOE 876 on 2nd flight ever, performing manuevers in Wa State


This is the widebody 747-400 converted to haul parts of the 787 Dreamliner. I just saw it take off from my office in Downtown Seattle. The thing is HUGE. … 9a_nr.html


With that weird off-green/off-yellow color, I’m surprised the plane hasn’t been nicknamed “The Flying Turtle” yet.


That’s primer. I’m sure they will paint it in the Boeing house colors.


Just saw it again from Downtown Seattle!

3rd flight:


You don’t suppose that they’d consider modifying it into a passenger version and double-decking it, do ya? Another nail in the Airbus coffin :bulb:

#6 has a photo of it under the serial N747BC as well.


The cargo space is unpressurized!


Does anyone know if this airplane is pressurized or limited to altitudes below 18000?


I saw it when I was driving past BFI on I-5.


The gas mileage on 747 at FL180 would probably be so bad it sould make it all the way across the Pacific without RVSM. It’s speed might be around 400 knots. However the flight took about 11 1/2 hrs. RCTP-KBFI is 5262 nm and at a speed of 480 kts, the flight would be a little over 11 hrs. (ETE1123) So, for the RCTP-BFI flight, I think it had RVSM.


If you check the “flight log” for some of the previous BOE876 flights you will see that they are at 30000 a lot of the time.