BMW: German Owned aircraft/ USA Registered?

#1 … 0791005/M/

based in Germany
German Owned

USA reg.
USA Flag.

WHY? Can someone clairify?


According to other pictures in and to FlightAware, it’s operated by BMW. Here’s the link:

If you place the aircraft registration after the final"/" in the URL, you can find out information on most (not all) N registered aircraft in FlightAware, even if the aircraft is blocked from tracking.


It’s registered to BMW, Greer, South Carolina. This is not uncommon for large multi-national companies. Lots of possible reasons, tax treatment is probably number one.
There are a fair number of N registered aircraft operating around the world. I remember one company, whose name escapes me right now, that had (has?) one airplane based in the UK with N reg. and one based in the LA area with UK reg.
If you want to hide, as much as possible, the real ownership you register it in Bermuda or the Cayman Islands with several layers of corporate ownership.
To answer your question directly, the only way for any of us outsiders to find out is to live next door to the Chairman of BMW.



I do and Norbert says it’s for tax purposes John. :laughing:


Well, there we go!


FlightAware Flight Tracker N550BM BMW’s brand new Gulfstream G550 up and about, will be replacing N513MW.

BMW Operations also have a German registered Falcon 2000ex D-BMVV photos.