Blues Fly-In - KCKM


Check out under, Tourist Information - Clarksdale. Ms…
Great weekend - Come into Gimme Gumbo and say "hey"
Debbie KVNY


This should be posted in the banter thread. Otherwise, it’s just more spam.


Sorry - Didn’t think this would be interpreted as Spam…Just wanted to share what I thought might be fun and of interest to some.


Considering this is an aviation related forum and the Blues Festival web page has nothing about aviation or even flying into it, I would consider it spam. The Banter Thread is for all non-aviation topics.

By the way, I would love to go to this. I love blues music.

Stop the presses! I finally found something aviation related on so disregard my previous posting.


RW812 - that is why I initially said to look under Tourist Information on the website, glad you saw the invitation!
Clarksdale, Ms welcomes you.
Picked up the new 2012 AAA Tour Guide for Louisiana & Mississippi this afternoon and photo of the “Blues Highway Crossroads, Hwy 61 & 49” is the on the Book COVER.