Thoughts on posting personal blog links here


There is a SPECIAL THREAD dedicated to the mentioning of aviation blogs. One post there is sufficient.


Thank you!!!

You beat me to the post (you must have the quicker search draw then I had) :smiley: .

Precisely my point.


My vote is none of the above. Where is the button to vote some variation of “check out my blog” one time and not in multiple threads. If you want to keep drawing people’s attention to your blog, how about buying advertising space on FA?


Option four would fit your answer with Needlenose’s response. Post to the thread he provided the link to.

Even better solution. Win - win for all. :slight_smile:


I agree with this Needle. It’s a sticky thread, what more could one hope for?


Posting a link to your blog in the blogs thread is fine.

Replying with an occasional link to an on-topic post is also fine.

Posting nothing but links to your blog, even in threads where it would be on topic, is annoying.


Thank you your Honor. The prosecution rests Dave!!!


Dami is writing his appeal to a higher court.