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Blocking/Removing a single plot/marker

Hey folks, As you can see from my setup… https://radar.clanlawrence.co.uk

I have the Isle of Man SSR Site Monitor floating about to the South of the city and it just gets in the way. Is there any way to remove this marker from the map but retain it on the list?



The SSR has an altitude of 62000ft.

Set Filter by Height to 61000 feet and it will disappear.

You will also lose any other aircraft above that height.


That’s a bit of a fudge though, I’d like to avoid that.

Oh, I really like the lat/long display and the info as you hover the mouse over each aircraft. I don’t know well that would work on a really crowded map but I’d love to try. How straightforward are they to add?

You can add some lines in planeObject.js

PlaneObject.prototype.updateMarker = function(moved) {
    if (this.icao == "43BF7E") {                                                                                                       

Find the first line of what is shown above and add the 3 lines below.

It’s the alkissack interface: https://github.com/alkissack/Dump1090-OpenLayers3-html

I’m sure you know what I’m going to ask… Will these work with tar1090?

It’s a complete replacement for the interface.
Like you replaced the normal interface with tar1090.

Even if you could find the relevant segments of code, you’d have to check if they work with tar1090.
Go ahead and try.

Adding the UK layers is probably easiest.

Yep, as stated I’m using the alkissack addon, but with some of my own modifications.

Tried that code wiedehopf, still showing :frowning:

You need to do some proper refreshing.

Oh wait, the hex id needs to be lower case.


I did the same dance I do every time I update a file. Clear cached images and files and refresh.

Just seen your edit. Working now, cheers man :slight_smile:

You wanted it to still show in the table right?
Showing it in the table can be controlled elsewhere.

Right now the trail would still be visible when using “Show all tracks”.
Is that even a feature for that webinterface?

Yeah, I wanted it to still show in the table. Just didn’t want it getting in the way on the map. Stupid Isle of Man, how dare they put their site monitor there! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I seem to remember that edge markers and test sites have an altitude up there because it is outside the allowable range for ADSB for aircraft.

If that is the case it would mean setting that altitude filter would explicitly exclude those non flying objects.


Yep, but for that to work every visitor to my site would have to do the same. My site is used by a fair few of the local spotters and I wanted to provide a clutter free view :slight_smile: