Blocked tail numbers: has Flightaware become worthless?


Can anybody guess how many private aircrafts are blocked from being reported to FA and other flight tracking services? Looks like a majority these days, other than a few owners who haven’t gotten the memo and some of the airlines. May as well go back to camping by the airport with binoculars :laughing: Is there any value to FA?


Far from a “majority”, but if you’re a bizjet stalker then it is annoying.

For those of us whose interests tend more towards part 121 ops, FA (and others) is brilliant.


About five percent of all FAA registered private aircraft are enrolled in the BARR program. That’s not a guess.

Which can make for a very enjoyable day.

None whatsoever for you apparently, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.


Yep if your a paparazzi chasing celebs for the Life Invasion pictures then this place isnt for you.

If you love aircraft and tracking in general then this place is fantastic.


Sure it is! Just gotta know where to look :laughing:


Ouch, JHEM, isn’t that flaming? With 5380 posts I would think you would know better. And BTW, did the 5380 posts and the countless enjoyable binocular days earn you the forum’s “get a life” achievement award? :wink:


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***About five percent of all FAA registered private aircraft are enrolled in the BARR program. That’s not a guess.

Can’t say that this is one of JHEM’s best posts. But I am guessing that Diggler has found out that this 5% JHEM quotes for the most part are not Cessna’s & Lancair’s. Since signing up for FA, I have tracked various aircraft; Citation X, Gulfstream(s) & Global(s) and perhaps one or two others - guessing 15/20 different aircraft. Only one remains un-blocked. As far as I know, these were not “celebrity” aircraft and several were that of wealthy business persons.

So is some respects, this site might be considered “mostly” worthless if one was interested mainly in tracking business or military aircraft. I can tell you my use of this site has waned as a result of aircraft I am interested in being blocked. I do find these forums interesting but I rarely attempt to track aircraft that I see. I used to jot down N’s #'s wherever I went. Flying into KTVL this year during the celebrity golf tournament, I did not even pick up a pen. Same when I had to pick something up at Signature/KLAS awhile back when the ramp was full.

Love The Cos!




I would think if Military and GA are your interests, and you cannot find it here, getting a mode-S receiver set up on your computer would be the answer. I tend to use both FA and the receiver on two different computers. While most biz and GA do not have mode-S, a lot of the receivers do at least get the mode-C squawk showing their presence in your area and altitude. With a bit of thinking and the use of a radio to listen to ATC, you get a good idea, even with MIL flights who is doing what and when.

Exception: There are a lot of biz jets out there now with mode-S transponders, new or used, which are set up wrong, or are not properly functioning (GPS positions keep moving in odd patterns, sometimes hundreds of miles away at the blink of an eye). Whoever is selling these used transponders needs to re-program them so that the proper ICAO code for the craft they are installing it in shows up.

FA is still an outstanding resource.