Black star

On the user stats page, what does the black star next to the name mean??

Those are typically “charter members” that have been using FlightAware since its launch.

ah right I was wondering what does that black star mean. thanks for that… How about the black diamond? What does it mean?

The diamond is shown next to FlightAware employees.

Where is this seen? “User stats” page? Please point me to it so my curiosity can be satisfied.

thanks for the reply.

Yes, you can see the symbols at the user stats page.

Thanks, Dan. Interesting stuff.

What else does it mean? I’ve got one and I’ve only been a member for four days

It is because you feed ADS-B data, so you have an enterprise account.

Yep…the star indicates VIPs – anyone who feeds ADS-B, pays for service, etc.

Not sure if this is correct. I had a black star on my statistics yesterday, but it is gone today! Still have a star next to my account name on the website but not when I look at the list of nearby sites on my statistics. I am a ADS-B contributor.


Shouldn’t all the top users in the stats page have star? Since they all feed data?

The current implementation doesn’t work that way, for the reason you mentioned.

Any idea why the ADS-B Feeder endorsement isn’t showing up for those who are sending a feed?

Can you please link to an example so I can investigate?

Is there an endorsement? This thread refers to the black star by your name here: … tes/page/1

In addition to the black star, there is also an endorsement for ADS-B feeders. But, it doesn’t show up. That is what this additional question was centered around.

Gotcha…I don’t think this was ever implemented. Anyway, it now assigns the endorsement but doesn’t have an image yet. We’ll have that fixed Monday.