Black Dot Map Overlay Not Documented Lat/Long

I set my location quite precisely using the gear/configure tool a week ago or so and I am confident that when I did this the first time, the dump1090-fa page overlayed a black dot on the map accurately.

That said, the black dot is now some significant distance off (let’s say a km or so).

I plugged the “Location” coordinates which were listed on my userpage into Google maps and they were perfectly accurate. Next I “re-pointed” to my antenna location in the Config tool but still the overlay is off.

Any ideas? Thank you.

The configuration file /etc/default/dump1090-fa has a parameter called --json-location-accuracy 1

If you set it to 2 the location will be accurate on the map.

dump1090-fa --help
--json-location-accuracy <n>  Accuracy of receiver location in json metadata: 0=no location, 1=approximate, 2=exact

Worked like a champ!

Thanks, wiedehopf

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