"Black" Dash-7

flightaware.com/live/flight/N890 … /KADM/KHGR

Off to Grumman for some more whiz-bang kit 8)

Surprised you were able to pull that…now keep an eye out your door for the blacked out Chevy Taho to pull up… 8)

I wonder if this could be a “Company” aircraft?


Noticed it last night when I was going into work just sitting a bit up from our ramp. I couldn’t stand around to see who got on or the vehicles they were in…probably nothing…but I’m now watching for the blacked out Taho myself. 8)

Don’t think so, it was with Privat Air in Zurich for a while and is now used by someone called MidEast Jet. Just a corporate toy I think.

Nah, I don’t think there’s much to fear from a government without the sense to block its “secret” assets from FA. Remember those rendition flights outed by spotters a while back ? Should have been a big enough hint.

Interesting nugget:

statewatch.org/cia/documents … able-3.pdf

globalsecurity.org/org/news/ … lights.htm

I was very interested in a flight… I don’t know when, the clearance request (E-mail attachment) was lost somewhere in the forwarding. I won’t say anything about the flight… just read the subject…

FW: Guantanamo, Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos Aircraft Diplomatic Clearance Request



airliners.net/photo/Gulfstre … 1223391/M/

Just looks suspect…I looked through that spread sheet, but didn’t see the number, looked up the N# in FAA it has “Multi. records”

When you see “multiple records” in the N-number look-up it, the first record is the current owner of the aircraft while each additional record shows previous owners.

N173PA is owned by N173PA LLC. Its previous owner was Phoenix Air Group. Phoenix Air Group may have sold N173PA to N173PA LLC and then leased the aircraft back.

Tks Dami, I just like looking at all this cloak and dagger stuff.

A little more info on the Dash 7/ RC-7B aircraft:


airliners.net/photo/Devon-Ho … 0778624/L/

I have not looked up the date of this pic. on that pdf. chart, but I’d be curious to see if it pops up on that table…meaning as to who might have been on it. Don’t get me wrong, I hope these flights just keep on going. 8)

Lear35s with hardpoints dropping missiles. Nice.
phoenixair.com/images/fleet_ … o/mo11.jpg
phoenixair.com/images/fleet_ … o/mo10.jpg

phoenixair.com/images/fleet_ … mf/mf6.jpg


Not sure what you mean? Does this mean manipulated by Photo Shop?

Theres a lot of those aircraft out there you will run into lots while 1 was checking what was mentioned here i found listings in the FAA datatbase for another 9 DASH 7,listed to United States Government,but all have the same address as the one PAT206 pointed out.

They don’t drop anything off the Lears, they just mount various pieces of electronics used to simulate threats for various branches of the military, mostly the Navy. One of the things they will do is go down to about 100 ft above the water and fly at a ship pretending they are a cruise missile. Here is a video:

Learjet raid on a Aircraft Carrier - YouTube)

that CASA has come in here to KPGV before. i cant find the pics, but will post em when I do. what exactly is it used for? does anyone know?

I think if any of us really “knew” what those flights were doing, and not supposed to…guys in black Chevy Tahos would be at our door.

But seriously if I had to guess I’d say they are doing “Company” work. 8)

N757MA is based here in Jeddah, nothing sinister about it.


Wish I had the $$ to afford my own 75.