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Billing - How to differ User for Billing

Hi there,

I currently have a Basic Account, an API and configured it for an airport (EDDS) & a single customer installation.

What do I do if I have 2 customers in Stuttgart?

How can I assign the number of queries to the different customers?
I would then like to benefit from the quantity discounts with a corresponding number of customers.

Thanks and greetings


If you are intending to use a single FlightAware account with separate FlightXML2 API Keys for each customer, then the combined usage between all API Keys will be used to calculate which FlightXML2 billing tier will be used for that month’s invoice.

Hi thanks sounds good…so i can activate different API keys within one account…Is this already possible with the basic account?

Have a nice day!


At the very bottom of the key request page you should see a hyperlink that is labelled “request another FlightXML2 key to be added to your account”