Billing cycles at start of month or end of month?

On December 30, you announced you’d be switching to billing on first of the month, starting two days later on January 1, 2022.

… and reviewing my email, I see I was billed again on January 29, with my bank showing the transfer on January 30.

What’s the actual plan going forward with billing cycles? Fortunately I happened to have enough in my accounts to cover both of those, but many of us, especially with smaller projects, are running on slim margins, and erratic billing changes announced over holiday breaks, which then aren’t followed up on, have a high likelihood of causing non-trivial financial issues.

The billing will be going forward at the beginning of the month. Even with the change, it should not have effected how much you were billed as you would be charged a pro-rated amount.

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Are you using an alternate calendar where January 29 is the beginning of February? Will the billing actually be happening at the beginning of the month going forward, or will it continue to be on an arbitrary day somewhere towards the end of the month?

I’ve got a budget that has to be prepared so my account has sufficient funds to cover your bills when they come in. Consistent, accurate, information, which you still haven’t provided, would be most appreciated.

Could you reach out at with the receipt number for the transaction. I only see a charge on the 31st of January, which I understand is not February, but I will work to get some insight on that from accounting.

Looks like I was off by a day, the receipt was sent 1/30/2022, transfer went through the 31st… still not February, as you said; receipt info has just been emailed as requested. Thank you for investigating.