Big 3 Bailout


This appears to be one of the jets of one of the Big 3 auto manufacturers that was just shown on CNN. … /KIAD/KDTW

It is scheduled to leave KIAD shortly for KDTW.

Any ideas which of the Big 3 this belongs to?


According to, a Citation X that formerly carried this registration was registered to General Motors. I don’t know if this is a GM jet, but it is my best guess.


GV N301K
GV N300K
Falcon 2000 N330K
Falcon 900EX N404F

General Motors
G350 N5113
G350 N5114
G350 N5115
G350 N5116
G350 N5117
GV N5101
GV N5102

G450 N930DC
G550 N940DC


From Associated Press:

Automakers ran into more resistance from House lawmakers, who chastised the executives for fighting tougher fuel-efficiency standards in the past and questioned their use of private jets while at the same time seeking government handouts.

One of the people on the Representatives side scolded them for not “jet pooling” to Washington DC (all 3 came via their own private jet), and not flying commercial. So, it cost what, a couple grand an hour for their jets, each? I can see why they need bailout.


The CEOs of the Big 3 can silence these critics in a moment.

Publish a list of all the members of Congress that have borrowed one of their jets to campaign in over the past 50 years.


A smart answer from one of the Big 3 should have been. There would be a 30% chance if I took a comercial airline from DTW to IAD that I might have missed this important hearing. 28% of departures from DTW are late to very late. How would you congressman feel if I was late because the airlines can’t keep a schedule.




y not fly into dca? its closer




GA is not allowed into DCA.


GA is allowed at DCA, under very limited conditions. Here’s what I posted in the President-elect Obama’s aircraft ? topic: … curity+tsa

Note that no airports in the Detroit are listed as the last departure point before arriving at DCA. It would have taken them more time to fly to one of the airports listed above then fly to DCA rather than just going to IAD and going via surface means to the hearings.