Beware idiots on perimeter road

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Approach looks low. But, how the hell can this driver not notice?


Why would he need to? There is no sign saying to yield or stop for incoming traffic. With a correctly flown approach, the plane should not be anywhere near close to hitting the vehicle. :unamused:


I would say the video is a pretty good illustration as to why he would need to stop.


Evidently there is a 400 foot displaced threshold. So the approach sure appears to be well short of that.

Just because it’s paved doesn’t mean you’re supposed to land there.


Pilot error all the way, guess he forgot the part about displaced thresholds.

This is how he should have flown the approach,

and if he did, would have sailed right over the car.


Displaced threshold was removed earlier as the fence that used to be there is gone and replaced by much lower break away. The Runway end is just 30ft
from the road now. So he may have been on the proper path for landing.

This according to the Airport Owner. … 70681.html

A Google Maps aerial photograph of the runway taken several years ago shows an arrow designating where planes can land moved away from the north end of the runway.

Today, the arrow is at the edge of the landing strip.

The airport’s owner said the marker was first moved because of a dangerous fence made of railroad ties located just beyond the end of the runway. When the airport installed a breakaway plastic fence, the landing marker was moved back.


Ok well that changes everything. Still don’t understand how the airport can move the threshold and not get the road warning signs changed to make it clear you must stop, that is one dangerous setup that needs to be corrected.


GA airports can get away with lots of things like this. Certificated commercial airports have to abide by safety regs, small GA airports are only recommended to in most cases.


Thank you. Looks like I had bad information.