Best time to go to LA


Hello there,

I’m planning a trip to LA in September and I was wondering if it’s a good month or what the best month to go.

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In terms of weather September is a good month for weather in LA - but the weather never changes much there.


I live in Toronto, and September was always my favorite time to head to Los Angeles - their September is just like our nicest days of summer.

Then as the weather in Toronto turns to fall, and starts getting colder - Los Angeles fall stays the same!!!


Hello again

About LA and the desert’s, there’s any type of restriction to the spotters ?


My suggestion would be to go on, myaviation, flickr, etc., search any airports you intend to visit - and email whomever has taken the most recent photos from those airports - and ask them.

I was at Plant 42 (Palmdale) and got stopped by the military police, he didn’t really give me a hard time, but he did kick me off the property.


Go to the In-n-Out Burger located on Sepulveda just north of LAX. You’re so close to runway 24R that you can almost see the what the passengers are reading as the aircraft lands.

There is limited spotting available between Terminals 1 and 2. You can see the aircraft going to the end of Runways 24 for a few seconds before the hide behind Terminal 1 then you can see them again when they take off.

For other spotting, see Spotting at North American Airports and North American Airfields. DO NOT use this site alone. Some of the data appear to be out of date.

There is also a Facebook group called Aircraft Spotting that you may wish to join.

Finally, look go to the Airport Spotting Bog


Thanks for the links. About the facebook group, I’ve searched and nothing found…about the link to the Spotting at North American Airports and Airfields, I’ve saw that VCV isn’t in the list. Any reason ?


It probably depends how late in September. That is when the heat really begins to fire up in LA area. 100-110 degree F temps are not that uncommon in LA and surrounding areas the last weeks of Sept through mid October.