best and worst airports when dealing with delays


best airport…Honolulu
during delay, they have great observation deck and view of city

worst airport…toledo, ohio express
absolutely nothing to do but sit and wait, the airport is way on west side of city in field


When did they put in an observation deck? When I first lived on Oahu, HNL had a single story concourse that allowed visitors to look at the planes. Then, they “modernized” the airport and got rid of the observation deck. That was over 20 years ago. The last time I was there (about 10 years ago), I don’t remember an observation deck.


i was at hnl in 1990 on my honeymoon==we was eight hours delayed and i went to deck to see planes


I’ll tell you what… flying ain’t what it used to be! Things have obviously gotten worse over the years in a general way. Crappy customer service, long security lines, delays, lost luggage, etc…

One thing that I can say has gotten better over the years is waiting in the terminal. In the olden-golden days, your choice of meals in the terminal was either eating in the airport restaurant (EXPENSIVE) and getting a candy bar at the news stand - and THAT was IT! Now modern terminals resemble shopping malls with various stores to shop in, and food courts with several different fast food restaurant choices.

With that being said, the terminal I enjoyed waiting in the most was KSLC (Salt Lake City). While I had arrived there too late to enjoy the mall-like atmosphere there, they did have a bar that was open and they had O’Doul’s! They also had a wonderful smoking lounge inside that was very well ventilated - my cigar smoke did not offend anyone. Then again, there weren’t too many people there to offend. Still, I was impressed with that kind of attention to passenger comfort. They also had all kinds of different types of art - paintings, photos, sculptures - all kinds of stuff to look at to kill time.

The worst place I can think of off the top of my head was KSJC (San Jose). Not a big airport, so there wasn’t a whole lot to see or do there. Just the requisite news stand/gift shop.


PDX is nice. The restaurants and stores must have “street pricing.” If, for example, a hamburger at Wendy’s in downtown or suburban Portland costs a buck, then it must cost a buck at the airport. Few airports - none that I can think of besides PDX - have prices that are the same at the airport as in the city it serves.


Agreed on improvement of most airport food vendors and passenger comforts (MCI excluded).

Also, PDX pricing and services are nice but how do they do it? It must be subsidized somehow. They aren’t charging less because they are really nice people. The Horizon terminal there is reminiscent of an old, poorly maintained and very crowded highway rest area.


It’s probably because the airport authorities aren’t charging stupidly high rent prices.


Charlotte is a GREAT airport to be stuck in. Free wireless internet in the BoA Business Center with fake leather armchairs, a pianist, a bar, fast food, and shopping all within 200 ft of each other.

Southern hospitality is nice too.


The 2 best for me would be MCO because you get overwhelmed that you in an airport and not a mall. But I did have a bad encounter with the moving sidewalks, I was running down them and didn’t see the carpet approaching me at 15 mph and the as soon as my foot touched it I at S**T. Also BNA because its so calm there. The bar and restaurant sit right in front of the American Airline gates so get a nice view of the planes pulling in and out, also I can sit without having people pressed up against me while I wait for my flight so I can watch planes takeoff and land in comfort.

Worst airport CLE to crowded and the people who drive the little shuttles around the terminals are VERY DANGEROUS. I love the fact that Continental is the main airline there and I love the paper airplanes (that are made of sheet metal) hang from the ceiling.


Midway feels like you’re in someone’s basement and the low ceiling will cave in any minute, not to mention the ski run type hills in the hallways will give you a good workout.

MCO has wonderful tropical grounds outside and is very convenient for rental return before flights. Don’t like the trains to all the terminals but have to admit they’re very organized and easy to follow. Haven’t had a delay there yet.

STL is the only airport left on earth where you can walk a few gates down from yours and have a smoke before your long smoke free flight or any delays.

DEN is mass chaos when weather closes all the ski resorts. You’d think they’d get that down pat by now. But it is very fun to people watch there.

EGE has very nice people working in it, but not very many.

ASE has several downright rude people working in it but everything else makes up for it. Delays aren’t a problem because the place is so small, can leave and go back 15 mins before departure.

FLL is tolerable and understandably very tight on security. I like the fact that they have a place to sit and eat/socialize before going through security or even checking in.