Best airport to takeoff at


What is the best airport to takeoff from in your opinion? Mine would have to be JFK, as soon as we were in the air the plane climb just about straight up.


An aircraft carrier. :wink:


Have you taken off from an carrier? If not what about airports you have taken off from.


Haha, no, never had the pleasure. As for personally taking off from, some of the islands in the Caribbean are fun to take off from, both from amazing scenery and terrain avoidance, depending on where you go.


How about in the states?


How, exactly, did the takeoff from JFK differ from every other takeoff at any other airport? “going just about straight up” is dependent on the aircraft type, atmospheric conditions, and weight; not the airport.

Never been there, but every picture I’ve seen from Innsbruck, Austria is amazing.

My favorite, that I’ve been to, in the states (all these restrictions, geez) would be St. George, UT.
There are back country airports in Utah that are even more amazing.



It was my first time flying and it looked like we were a little late to take off because everyone on the flight was like holy sh!t even to flight attendance were looking around like whats going on :open_mouth: .


Intersection takeoffs (short field?) may warrant an early rotate for obstacle clearance??

Another thought… ATC request to “expedite climb through ####”

Just wandering thoughts since I am not familiar with JFK or it’s procedures.



Maybe, since it was your first time flying, and you, by your own admission have only been flying once a year for 2 years, dont know what you’re talking about?


A takeoff to the north out of JFK can result in a steep climbout to clear LGA traffic.

But there’s steep and then there’s steep.


The climb may be more agressive LONGER, but the initial climb would be more or less the same every time. Even if departing to the north. V1, rotate, V2. You could maintain V2 for longer during the climb, but you’d never be less than V2.
But I’m still sticking with my last post.


Mine would have to be either…ATL because of all of the aircraft and seeing such a massive airport conduct operations. Another one would be FLL or SAN because when you depart you fly out over the water and you can see all of the cruise ships and military ships…But my altime favorite is HNL because nothing beats taking off of a runway that is strutted over water and then making a quick right turn to see the harbor and the city.


Keep in mind, I am not a jet jockey, just a single engine piston jock, but isn’t V1 point of safely aborting take off, call out rotate and then V2 for minimum take off speed.

Wouldn’t you want Vx for best climb? Lower the nose to get to Vx speed once attained pitch up for Vx? While by no means an official source, I looked at

So, for an intersection take off, or even an ATC instruction for expedite through such and such altitude, Vx would be the climb speed which would be most noticed by passengers in the cabin?



While I’m on a little rant here, 88nitro, all 5 of your most recent new topics are in the wrong thread. 4 of them should be in General Aviation and the 5th one, “June 6 '06” should have never been posted here at all.


I flew on that flight in April 25th 2000. And have never had it happen agian. Like I said flight attendance were looking around with wierd looks on the faces, then asking how we were doing over the intercom. Sorry something happened like a late takeoff.


Airliners dont use speeds like Vx. V1 is the calculated speed that, if an engine fails, the decision is made to abort. Above that speed, theyre going to go regardless. V2 is a calculated safe speed that they need to maintain (or faster) in the event an engine were to fail during the climb.


Okee dokee, this is why I like forums like this, learn and keep learning :smiley:



Well something happened, so tell me what was the problem?


Were you on a 757? Or a CRJ?


JetBlue A320