Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett)

I am pretty new to Flight Aware and recently found out that Warren Buffett went against his private airplane purchase promise. I was curious if anyone could track down a picture/tail on his plane.

Unless someone has other news he uses Net Jets since Berkshire owns them.
Maybe he got a good deal on an almost new G550 that used to be based in Detroit. :laughing:

What promise are you referring to?

As Porterjet pointed out, BH owns NetJets, could your info be wrong?

He was always critical of CEO’s purchasing private jets before he bought one. He nicknamed it “The Indefensible” after his purchase because of his past criticism. I was given wrong information concerning it, he has had the jet since 1989. :blush: I was hoping to find a picture/tail of his jet. Hope this helps out.

*For years, Buffett mocked corporate ownership of jets as a wasteful executive perk. But in 1986, he bought a small used plane for Berkshire, then traded up to a more expensive model a few years later. He named the jet ‘‘The Indefensible’’ and made sport of its purchase in his 1989 report to shareholders: ‘‘Whether Berkshire will get its money’s worth from the plane is an open question, but I will work at achieving some business triumph that I can (no matter how dubiously) attribute to it.’’

The truth is, Buffett had fallen in love with his plane but could not yet admit it. In 1995, he was introduced to Santulli by the head of one of Berkshire’s operating companies and bought a one-quarter share of a Hawker for personal use. His wife, who has become a frequent flier, called the new plane ‘‘The Richly Deserved.’’ (Not to be outdone, Buffett renamed Berkshire’s jet ‘‘The Indispensable.’’) Santulli offered to sell his company to Buffett when Goldman, Sachs & Co. (GS), a founding minority investor, began pressuring him to float a public stock offering.*